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Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth twice daily, use mouthwash and dental floss. Even with this daily routine, we still need to visit our dentist twice a year to have plaque and tartar removed. Now imagine your pet’s dental hygiene.

At Healthy Pet Dentals, we provide a safe and effective method of removing tartar and plaque from teeth. Our 9-step process is a very detailed, personalised service that we created to help maintain dental health in pets. An anaesthesia-free dental cleaning is very similar to the cleaning and polishing you receive from a dental nurse or hygienist at your dentist.

We begin with getting information on our patient, so we know any past injuries or health issues that may alter the way we do the teeth cleaning. We perform a complete oral exam, checking for any abnormalities or tenderness that may indicate needing an anaesthetic dental, or other veterinary treatment from your veterinarian.

Once we establish your pet is a candidate for our innovative procedure, a complete cleaning of every tooth surface is performed with our hand scaling tools. After cleaning the teeth, we polish them to smooth out any imperfections.

After the anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning is completed, our dental nurses are then able to write down their findings in the patient’s chart. All that is left is a quick anti-bacterial mouth rinse and client education on home dental care.

Anaesthesia-free dentals are a cost effective way to maintain dental health in pets. They are a perfect way to complement general anaesthetic dentals and x-rays, as well as home dental care of teeth brushing and mouth rinsing. When younger animals are brought in for their first anaesthesia-free cleaning, you start them on the right path for a healthy mouth and early detection of dental disease and other abnormalities.

High-risk animals (older pets and pets with heart, liver or kidney disease) with mild to moderate tartar, benefit greatly from our gentle, sedation-free approach to teeth cleaning.

Contact us or your veterinarian today to see if your pet is a candidate for anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning. To view our dental cleaning process in greater detail, visit our 9-Step Teeth Cleaning page.


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

– Josh Billings