Marion says:

Thank you to Kristi from Healthy Pet Dentals today for introducing myself, Cody the greyhound and my vet to anaethesesia free dentals today . Great job Kristi . I will be back!

Emily says:

Very impressed with the result! My dog received a thorough clean without the need for anesthesia! Friendly service was much appreciated also. Would recommend this as excellent addition to anesthetic dentals.

Amy says:

Our vet recommended Kristi’s dental services for our 14 year old dog and we are so happy with the whole process and results! Thank you Amanda & Kristi! Kristi’s manner is so soothing and our dog responded to her beautifully. We will definitely return in the future – Happy’s teeth look (and smell) great!

Julie says:

I had the please of meeting Kristi this week with my girls Daisy and Tillie, they now have beautiful sparkly clean pearlies. I was concerned how Daisy would go being a very nervous girl (especially at the vet) but she did amazingly well in the relaxed environment. Would definitely go for the anesthetic free teeth clean again.

Eve says:

I was so pleased to hear about Healthy Pet Dentals who offer anaesthesia free dental for dogs. As greyhounds are sensitive to anaesthetic I had been putting off having my two dogs’ teeth cleaned because I didn’t want to take the risk – this is a fantastic alternative. Kristi was patient and gentle with the dogs and took the time to make sure their teeth were really clean, she did a great job. Highly recommend.

Gail says:

Kristi has seen both of my girls, both rescues, one who suffers severe anxiety and another who’s just timid and nervous. She was kind and patient with both dogs. I would highly recommend Kristi and Healthy Pet Dentals to anyone who is wanting to extend their time between full anaesthetic style dentals. If there are issues that need referring for a surgical procedure, as was the case with my greyhound girl, Kristi will identify and refer you appropriately. Couldn’t be happier!

Kimberley says:

I was apprehensive taking my 8 year old retired racing greyhound, Ebony, for her first dental check up and clean but Kristi was just wonderful and made us both feel at ease. She was so sensitive and gentle with Ebony, and the results are outstanding. I can’t recommend Healthy Pet Dentals enough!

Bec says:

Kristi is personable and wonderfully patient. She recently treated my elderly Cavalier, Polo, and showed him with kindness and care throughout the process. He is not a good candidate for a standard dental, so this option has been wonderful to improve his health. His breath has already greatly improved, his teeth look much better and no doubt has helped him to be more comfortable. Thanks so much!

Myfanwy says:

I took my Great Dane Duchess to see Kristi for a teeth cleaning. Was so worried that she might say no because Duchess’ size but she was so wonderful and had no problems with big dogs. She was so patient with Duchess being anxious and gave me great tips on keeping her teeth in good condition. Would recommend Kristi to anyone who wants to avoid the risk of a general anaesthetic and will definitely return to her for future cleanings!

Sally says:

Very happy with finally finding and getting to this service. Have been looking to get my older dogs teeth done without anaesthesia for many years – I believe anaesthesia should never be taken lightly. Kristi was great with my 10yr old Belgian, very easy going with my girl and very interesting to talk to. Highly recommend.

Nicky says:

Brilliant service, much better than risking anaesthesia for routine cleans, especially with greyhounds, as I have friends who have lost their beautiful dogs this way. My sooky boy tolerated the procedure really well and his teeth look great now. Great value, strongly recommend this service, very happy customer

Tessa says:

Very impressed with Healthy Pet Dentals. My dog Tilli’s teeth have gone from hardened brown tartar to pearly whites and that’s all thanks to Kristi. She has done an amazing job on Tilli’s teeth and was very nurturing and patient especially when Tilli was being quite a wriggler. I was so happy when I found a Brisbane service that does anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning and I am very impressed with the results, I will definitely be using it again. I highly recommended people with dogs & cats to do this service and I definitely rate it beyond 5 stars.

Kim says:

So glad I found Kristi, my toy poodle was due for 2 anesthetics one for teeth and one for some lumps to be removed, was so ecstatic when I found out about Kristi – No anesthetic and she was so gentle and patient with Ziggy. What a great service I can highly recommend her and will be passing her details onto all my friends in the dog world.

Sarah says:

What a great idea! Anaesthesia free dental care for my fur babies is just the ticket to great dental health for our family cats and dogs without the worry of them being under anaesthetic. The environment was relaxed and comfortable for the animals and there was no stress. Thanks so much Kristi for your professionalism, your care and gentleness and the great job you did on my girls teeth. We’ll be back for sure and will happily recommend you to others who value the dental health of their beloved pets.

Vicki says:

Our 12 year old dog, Zoe, had never received any specialised dental care and I was unsure how she would react. Kristi made an instant connection with Zoe and soon she was happy to have all her teeth cleaned up. Her teeth now look pearly white and such a change from her yellow fangs…and her breath is even minty fresh! Kristi has a wealth of information to share and is clearly passionate about doing the best for our four-legged friends. I will be thoroughly recommending this service to all my family and friends.

Anna says:

We have two male cats in our family, both over the age of 10. We have had their teeth cleaned under anesthesia before and they were due to be done again, but we had held off as we were worried about them going under again for something as simple as having their teeth cleaned. Kristi was wonderful with our boys, she gained their trust and they were both calm during their clean, I was amazed! Their teeth look sparkling clean and it was all over in about 40 minutes with no recovery time required. Kristi explained the importance of bringing them back to the vet for dental checks, as routine x-rays would be recommended with their next dental.

Thank you to Kristi, I would recommend Healthy Pet Dentals to anyone who loves to care for their pets.

Jeanie says:

Our retired greyhound, Erika, is a little touchy when it comes to vets and men. She has never had her teeth cleaned as we have lost 2 dogs to the effects of anaesthesia. I thought that teeth cleaning could only be done by going under, but as we learned there was no need, as her teeth were in fair condition. Erika and I were very comfortable and felt relaxed during the procedure. We are so thankful for the cost effective and simplistic solution that Healthy Pet Dentals provides.

Kay says:

Recently my two Labradors had their teeth cleaned by Kristi. These two dogs are 14 years old and Kristi took the time to put these old girls at ease. She was gentle with them, yet firm, and seemed thorough in her examination and treatment. Because anaesthesia is not used, there is no recovery time and my girls were up and about instantly. While they may not have enjoyed the actual treatment, they did enjoy the cuddles and at no time were they distressed.  Kristi also cleaned the teeth of my daughter’s two cats, again a stress free experience for them.  Many thanks Kristi. This treatment gets an A+ from me and is highly recommended.

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